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Pilates classes for everybody

You do not have to have tried Pilates before!  If you are brand new, consider yourself a novice or are simply looking to recap on some of the basics, then head straight to the beginner workouts.   If you have being doing Pilates for a while, or perhaps just feel ready for a challenge, then the full body workouts are for you.


Starting at the very beginning?  Are you new to Pilates? Has it been a while since you have done exercise? Give this 6 week course a go, it will set you up to move into the Full Body Workouts with confidence.

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Full Body Workouts

A selection of recorded live classes which will provide you with a workout for your whole body.  Classes use a selection of props, all of which are optional.


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Hi I'm Zoë,

As a Stott Certified Pilates Matwork and Reformer instructor, I am passionate about Pilates both for myself and the people I teach.  Pilates benefits your total wellbeing, both physically and mentally.   


Why not come and join me and give my virtual classes a go. 

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What can you expect from the classes?

All classes are Pilates based. You will get a full body workout whilst always focussing on your movement, your core muscles and working within your own parameters.  Always be mindful of your body and enjoy the movement you are asking it to do!

Form & Technique

Continual reminders of what you should be doing, muscles that should be working and to always do what feels right.

Diverse Classes

Classes are different each week with standard Pilates moves including equipment and modifications.

Recognition of individuals

Everybody is different and during each class there is acknowledgment to different body types and capabilities.

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Access to all live classes

  • Unlimited access to all live classes each week
  • Options for all levels and abilities
  • New classes and content added every week
  • Over 60 hours of Full Body Workouts
  • Short dynamic workouts available for specific body parts - coming in Autumn 2022.
  • 14 day free trial  
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All content - no live classes

  • Options for all levels and abilities 
  • New classes and content added each week
  • Over 60 hours of Full Body Workouts
  • Short dynamic workouts available for specific body parts - coming in Autumn 2022.
  • 14 day free trial

Start your 14 day trial today...

"I thoroughly recommend Zoë’s classes – I really enjoy the sessions, Zoë explains everything very clearly and always offers guidance alongside that all important message of listen to your body."


"I have been doing Pilates with Zoë for around 5 years.  Zoë manages to challenge me whilst making her classes fun.  It’s the perfect start to my weekends."


"Pilates with Zoë is better than therapy.  She makes you feel relaxed and comfortable while ensuring  you have a proper tough workout.  I finish sessions feeling energised."


"It’s helped strengthen my body and also its improved my balance.  My balance was terrible and now it’s just bad so I am making progress there!I love Zoë Kenny Pilates and I am sure you will too so give it a go!"


"Having spent many years suffering from back problems and admittedly after a lot of persuasion, I finally conceded and started Pilates with Zoë. Have never looked back! (Excuse the pun)"


"Zoë has taught me about my body and its capabilities, I can now do things that were previously unthinkable  She challenges you but is responsible.  And she makes us laugh all the time!  Couldn’t imagine my life now without Pilates in it."

Group workouts not for you? Arrange an appointment with me instead. 

You may never have done Pilates before, you may want to have a one to one because you have an injury, you may be looking to move to the next level. Whatever your reasons, get in contact and we can discuss your options.

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