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Pilates classes at your fingertips - work to your own agenda.

Full Body Workout


There is a catalogue of over 30 full body workouts for you to access whenever YOU want to. Each week there will be new classes uploaded.  All classes focus on your mind and body connection whilst giving a good workout.  The classes feature an array of small equipment for example hand weights, flexi loops, flexi bands.

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Are you new to pilates? 
Do you feel anxious about starting something new?
Do you need a refresher?
Are you coming back to exercise after an injury?*

This six week course will allow you to learn the basic principles and give you the confidence to move forward with the Full Body Workouts. 

*Always check with your healthcare professional.
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Short Dynamic Workouts

Have you got 10 minutes and can't commit to a full 55 minute class?  Or are you lacking some motivation but want to do something?
Go to this section and choose which body part you would like to work today! There is the option of your bumcakes, your abs, your arms, your legs...take your pick.  You might find you do one, perk up and can do another couple!

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